Many of us are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 and the looming tidal wave of evictions. While most of LCBH’s analysis of eviction data happens well after cases have completed, we have shifted some of our resources to look at the impact COVID-19 is having on current eviction filings and have created these two weekly eviction tracking reports by Community Area and Chicago Ward (similar reports are also available by month).

On May 17, Governor Pritzker signed Illinois' "COVID-19 Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program Act," providing robust protections for Illinois renters and homeowners. The new state law greatly expands sealing of eviction court records for cases filed before and during the coronavirus pandemic and prohibits tenant screening companies from reporting sealed eviction records.

This new law will limit our ability to gathering real time data on new eviction filings and, as such, no new data will be added to these eviction tracking reports. LCBH will keep these reports available as is for the time being as we re-evaluate this aspect of the Chicago Evictions Data Portal.

Weekly Eviction Filings by Community Area

Weekly Eviction Filings by Chicago Ward